The Christmas Kit – Create three-dimensional Christmas decorations with your computer!

The Christmas Kit is a very different kind of computer program from the ’80s. It allowed you to decorate and print paper models of a Dickens Christmas Village, a Christmas Train, and several different three-dimensional paper ornaments and gift packages. I have collected the original full-color Apple IIgs model parts here, to share them with the paper modeling community. Now you can download, print and build your very own Christmas Kit scenes with any PC or Mac! For more paper modeling with computers of yore, see my Toy Shop page!

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While doing research for my Toy Shop blog, I discovered the existence of another software package for the Commodore 64 called “Paper Models – The Christmas Kit.” Created by Carol and Ivan Manley, this intriguing program allows you to decorate and print three-dimensional card models of a Christmas train and a Dickens Christmas village, as well as paper ornaments, decorations, and gift boxes, using clip art and fill patterns.


The Christmas Kit contains several templates, designed to be loaded into a paint program to be decorated using fill patterns and clip art, or by drawing your own artwork directly on the templates. The Apple IIgs version is pre-decorated and in full color, while the C64 version is in black and white. The IIgs version was likely the only color version of this software, and it has surprising quality of detail for an early computer! I have collected the full-color IIgs patterns to share below.



Also below I offer the Decorator’s Guide, which includes assembly instructions, tips and ideas. Additionally, I am sharing a disk image of Paper Models – The Christmas Kit for use in an Apple IIgs emulator for anyone who might want to play with the software in its original environment.



Update: I recently was given the opportunity to see the C64 version in action. It is essentially the same patterns, just in black and white. I still hope to find a sharable version of the C64 software, and offer both versions below. Incidentally, based on the list from the package, this program was released for: IBM PC, PCjr., Tandy 1000, Apple II, Apple IIgs, Apple Macintosh, and the Commodore 64.


Paper Models – The Christmas Kit Download Section

Click Here for the Decorator’s Guide and Model Parts – A zip archive containing bitmaps of all the ornaments and model parts in full color, and scans of the complete manual. The model parts can easily be repainted with any image-editing software on your PC or Mac, then print them directly on card stock! (This link will open a MediaFire download window, and may also open a MediaFire advertisement window, which is how they can offer file sharing for free.)

And for the curious side in you:

Click Here for the Christmas Kit Virtual Disk Image – a virtual disk image for use with an Apple IIgs emulator or a real IIgs. Requires Paintworks Plus. (The emulator here is for Mac users, but if you are a Windows users and if you can actually find a working Apple IIgs emulator for Windows, you should be able to use the Read Me files, the Paintworks Plus file, and the Paper Models disk image file. Because Windows Vista has a problem extracting files which were compressed on a Mac, Vista users will need to open the zipped folder and drag the files out of the archive to another folder to extract them.)

Note: I’ve made most of these models myself, and I’ve found that the Holiday Train is a little complicated, and the manual doesn’t explain how to put it together at all. There’s an exploded-view diagram in the manual but it doesn’t really help much, so I’m going to post some pictures at the bottom of this blog that will help anyone who is lost. I’ve also discovered that the models with large flat surfaces, such as the houses, are much sturdier if printed in miniature, say 75-50 percent of original size.


Want to share?

If you’ve made some of these models and want to share your handiwork, please send me a photo and I’ll post them here! If you have problems or suggestions about this site or the models, feel free to email me. My address is gmontag451athotmaildotcom! (Obviously, change athotmaildotcom to

Note- MediaFire only guarantees short-term storage of files; if the files offered on this page become deleted, please email me and I will put them up again at the earliest opportunity.

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Happy Holidays!

Michael & Lacey

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A note about copyright: To the best of my knowledge, the images I am sharing here are no longer protected. As the software is no longer being made, the computers have been discontinued, and no modern equivalent software exists as far as I know, I hope any concerned parties will see this effort as I do: This page is dedicated to preserving and showcasing a wonderful project that should not be lost and forgotten!